Thursday, April 25, 2013

The first and last time I ever cut my daughter's hair

Oh, me. 

So hear me out. 

My darling girl was getting a mullet again. You remember her mullet from a few months ago? Well, it looked like this, but was worse. 

Just kidding. More like this:

Her bangs were in her face, and her hair was so long in the back. I just couldn't let her go on having hair in her eyes and have a mullet. I make fun of mullets. I can't make fun of Emerson.

Adorable, yes. But we constantly had to push her bangs to the side so she could see. Not good.
So I said to myself: "Self, instead of taking her to Cookie Cutters, you can just give her a quick trim after her bath tonight. You're good with scissors."


I did SUCH a bad job. It looks like a blind man with a butcher knife cut this poor child's hair. These pictures do not do it justice. Check out the uneven-ness in the back, and the super super short bangs in the front. Ugh. I'm so ashamed.

And, in fine parenting fashion, Jon and I could not stop laughing at how bad it looked. (Please forgive me baby girl, if you're reading this someday. I'm not perfect, but you know that by now).

I took her the next day to get her hair fixed so that she no longer looked like an Amish boy. 

It's super short now (the stylist literally had to take an electric razor to the back of her head, that's how bad it was) but I am telling people that it's a light and fresh haircut for summer. 

And that is how I sleep at night.


  1. Bwahahaha! This post may have had my trying to muffle my laughter into my sweater sleeve while I sit at my desk pretending that I'm working.

    Thanks for the laugh and I'm sorry about the butchered haircut. I'm sure she is still a cutie.

  2. Me and my mom were going through old pics the other day and found a bunch when I was little (like 5-7) when she attempted to play hairdresser and cut my bangs. Awful. Crooked. Jagged. Not cute! Baby mullets are totally acceptable! :)